“Ten years from now, make sure you say that this is the life I’ve wanted to live. Not the life I’ve wanted to settle for.” 

What age are we now? Eighteen. Yes, that’s right. We graduate from high school and now we step into college. 

The next three to five years of all our lives are going to be so crucial, aren’t they? We got to take up the course which is going to take us to that life which we want to live. I know, we need to live in the moment. But maybe, just maybe sometimes we need to think about the tomorrow and decide what we want to do. 

Life, as I have always told is funny. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you. But what is wrong in being prepared for it? 

Every decision we make has its consequences. Consequences that we got to face. These consequences can be bad or they can be good. Now in this case, the consequence of making the wrong decision could be you ending up saying a couple of years later that, I settled for this life and if you make the right decision, you would end up saying this is the life I wanted. 

To conclude, I would say to all of you who are going to go down those paths that your parents want you to do, please be a rebel. Argue with them. Tell them why you want to do what you what to do. Explain to them. I’ve done it. It isn’t all that tough. 

All the best to all of you who will be going to college in a couple of days/months. May these decisions be the ones that you wanted.