​Don’t you think life is funny? 

There are a few people who walk into our lives promising us big things all along. Saying that they would never leave our hands and would always be by our side. Eventually they leave us. 

Then there are those people. Who walk in. Don’t promise anything but are always there when we need them and are the ones who are always holding onto us. 

The funny part here is. The people we crave for take us for granted and the ones we take for granted are actually the ones who we should crave to have as a part of our lives. 

We go to bed feeling so low and lonely. But when we wake up we’re so happy. It’s like we went through something in those few hours of sleep that transformed our look at life completely. 

It’s weird how we feel happy during the day and sad during the night. Why is sad related to darkness and happiness related to light? Why can it not be the other way round? Or why can’t both of it be related to happiness? 

Why do we humans overthink about things that aren’t worth our time but don’t give a thought to those things which are worth being thought about? 

Isn’t it funny how the human brain works. It is scary sometimes too. 

It’s really hard to understand all this. I wish there was someone who could actually give answers to these questions. 

But the problem is that we are talking about life. There is no one who has understood it that well to answer all this. My only reason to wake up each morning now is to understand a little more about this thing called “LIFE” each day. 

Someone once asked me a question, 

“There are 2 wolves, 1 with happiness and love and another with sadness and despair. Which one would you feed more?” 

I told love and happiness. 

So the person said, 

“That is how life works. You need to feed your heart and mind more of happiness and love. That is the only way you would stay happy all the time and not worry about anything.” 

These are a few words that changed my life. It changed my life in a number of ways over the past month and a half. Whenever I am in a situation where I don’t know what to do, this question crosses my mind and I give it a thought and then I don’t bother about whatever is happening to me. 

Life is an ocean of problems with which we need to deal with in our everyday lives. The only way I’ve understood to live it is by staying afloat and letting all the problems flow. Now you would ask me how would that happen? You know all of us humans have been gifted with this thing called a smile. The smile is a really really powerful thing. We all should not forget what it is. We should smile more often and not worry about whatever is happening. 

There really is no point in saying. “Oh! I give up on life.” Life may be really tough. But believe me. At the end of the dark tunnel that you are in, there is a lot of light. Also inside the dark tunnel there are a lot of people who are willing to help you get to the end of it by holding your hand. Hold on to their hands tight. 

At the end of the day. The only thing that is going to be worth it is all the happy moments we had in our short lives and not the sad moments.