The next few days are going to be the best of your life. Embrace the fact that they will never come back and live them in the moment. Leave a mark behind. Make the memories count a few years down the line. 

Well, we are all at a stage now where in we our going to finish our 12th grade and we’re going to open up to a new world all together. Until now, we had been in a closed shell atmosphere where we didn’t really know much about what is ahead of us. 

We are all getting struck with this sudden realisation that the next few days are our last in the place we are right now. But, why aren’t we taking it in a positive manner and enjoying it? 

Think it over. Would you want to cry now and count the days until the end or would you rather enjoy the next few days and would feel happy that you made infinite memories. 

I would choose the later. We need to accept the fact that this is it, our time with this group of friends at this place is over. The moment you do, that is when you’re going to love the next few days of it. That is when your life will embark on a new journey, from where on only the memories are going to count. 
PS : Thanks to that someone who gave me the idea to write about this.