“​The thoughts are always going to come. But the day you’re able to harness them, that is when you’ll be called the greatest human being.”

What is the natural human tendency? Well, I’d say it is to get carried away with whatever the mind thinks is right. 

We as humans love a lot. It’s like if someone is being really sweet to us at this instant we think we love them. The next second someone else gets really close to us, we think we love them. Then the next moment we again talk to the first person and we’re like no we like them.  What we don’t realise is we infatuate. We get carried away with the thought so much that we end up breaking our heart. We make a scene out of it and then at the end when we sit and think about all of it, we realise we screwed up a really valuable friendship. 

In my opinion the greatest human being is the one who knows how to harness his thoughts. Not to get carried away and make decisions. I feel harnessing of thoughts is something like being clear of what we want. Being able to differentiate between what the mind wants and what the heart wants and making a wise choice. 

We humans usually go with what the mind wants. Our mind is so greedy that it is never happy with one. It needs more love. It needs so much that you end up being broken while fulfilling it’s needs. And that is the kind of thing we need to take control of. 

We are all wild lovers. But wild lovers doesn’t mean to love again and again and to be in a pathetic state that we end up doing the wrong things. At times, we plan on physically hurting ourselves. The reason being fulfilling whatever our mind wants. Now people that is something wrong. Its like we’re hurt while fulfilling what the mind wants and then the mind makes us hurt ourselves physically. 

The heart makes better decisions. At any given point of time listen to it and take control of situations.