“How’s life been treating you?” She asked.

He replied, “Like a bitch.”

That’s been the reply he’s been probably giving to everyone who asks him that. Somewhere between all the pressure at home, pressure at college, people not understanding him, future weighting too heavily upon him and him not getting to do what he loves, he lost himself.

Sam kept his phone aside switched off the Wi-Fi on it and tried sleeping. Just then he got this weird vibe about his future. About all the expectations people had from him. About how his parents would feel if he didn’t do well.

A boy of class 12 not getting to do what he wants. People say childhood is the time when we got to enjoy our lives. But how do we? During our childhood we’re put up with the challenges of securing our future.

Sam woke up when he started getting those thoughts and picked his phone up again. He switched on the Wi-Fi and started browsing courses for his future.

I’d say somewhere our elders are a bit responsible for this. Maybe because they are from a time where in society was a big thing. We people now stay in a world where society has no meaning. Either we do good or bad, there are still going to be people taking about us. Elders should probably leave the child on his/her own. So he can figure his life out and do what he wants. Another thing is parents force children to do what they want them to, not what the child would love to do instead. They have got to understand this. It’s the child who would have to live with that choice for the rest of his life. Regret it every step of the way. We as children also need to speak out to our parents, cause a scolding now is better than a lifetime full of regrets.