“Sometimes, no matter what’s going on in our lives, we need someone we can share it with to feel better.” 

So the last couple of month have been really rough for me. Not just in one but in many aspects. And for a long time I kept a lot of things to myself. Until after a really long time I planned to open up to someone. Believe me. After a decent period of time I felt so good opening up to someone. Not being judged about whatever I said. Taking talks on what I’m supposed to do and actually doing all of it. 

So there are two kinds of people. One whom you tell a bit of what’s going on and leave it. The other whom you tell everything to and look up to for giving you some tips on what to do. 

I got the second type in the last week and a half. I feel so happy after like telling the person everything and doing as the person said. I feel a different me. 

Maybe we don’t always need love to feel good. Maybe we just need a good conversation with the right person to feel good. 

Thank you person. You did me a huge favour by being there for me. Listening to everything I said and asking me how I’m doing. This world needs more of you. You’re the best. Okay? Never think otherwise.