I remember how she smiled at me every time she saw. I remember her dark brown hair. I remember the love in her eyes for me. I remember her dressing to always be perfect. I remember how she used to kiss me on my cheek every time we met.

She was my maternal grandmother. I sometimes wish she was still around today. It’s been seven years since she’s left us. But, some how I haven’t coped with it. People think I don’t miss her. But deep down I know how much I miss her.

She had such perfect hair, such perfect eyes and such a perfect smile. Anybody would fall in love with her. I did love her. I love her like I can never love anyone. She’s loved me more than anyone ever has.

I remember how every time mom didn’t listen to me I used to call her and tell her about it and she used to scold mom. I remember how every time mom complained to her about me she covered up for me.

I believe if she was around my life would’ve been way better, I on a personal level would have been a completely different individual and things would’ve been a lot less complicated.

Someone told me a couple of days back that to leave history behind isn’t really about making it big. Sometimes it’s about leaving a mark in the hearts of the people who love you. This was her. She did leave a mark in the hearts of a lot of people. I sometimes wish I got more years with her to know her more and get her hugs.

Today being mother’s day. I miss her a lot and wrote this for her. I love her the most and always will love her the most.