“The wrong decisions we make often leave scars behind..”

Often, really often. We make decisions. Decisions that turn out to hurt us.
Well, I’d not say scars are completely about internal pain, they are sometimes about the external ones too. Don’t you think so?

Come on think about it. You get angry about stuff and then you choose to hurt yourself sometimes. Leaving scars externally!

We all get scarred. We need to learn to accept the reasons we got scarred and then let it fade away.

We need to be scarred to learn so much, so much about life, about living, about the world.

Well. Have I ever been scarred? Yes! I have. I have been scarred by a special someone once. When I again went down that path, I remembered about the pain I felt the previous time and moved away from it. Because, because of the pain I felt the first time.

For me, I don’t care about what who thinks about me because of my decisions. My decisions are solely based on whatever. On whatever I’ve gone through in my life. Is it wrong? Is it wrong to let the past influence your decisions now? Nahh. It’s not. Cause at the end all that matters is what you’ve done. Not what the other person thinks you’ve done.