“Then we look at that one photo and a million memories come alive to wreck a heart. ”

Thing about memories. They don’t care about you until once you see something related to them.
I’d say it’s something like a bullet. It’s held inside until you pull the trigger. And they hurt as much as a bullet. (Maybe more in some situations)
We are enjoying are everyday life and at one moment. Just that one moment, you see a picture of the past or maybe a happy screenshot, that’s it. You’re into the past. Into that painful past. Wondering just, just if you hadn’t done the wrong things. But, that’s how memories work. Regardless of how you feel.
Well, we should see the positive side of memories. Not think about the sad and heart broken ones. Look at the happy memories. That’s how we own our life story. Having control over what we think and what we feel and what we want to do.
Sometimes the thing about all this puts me in thoughts of why we think of the negative and sad memories? Think about the happy and nice moments? It’s all a game of the mind. Making us think. Making us feel just the way it wants to. We’re actually helpless until we are able to gain control over it.

Well, this maybe a more philosophical kind of post. But, that’s exactly how I feel at this moment.  So just go with it.