Perio Vagabundo – Lost Wanderer

The one thing I realise at 2.03 a.m at the night is that when people say that, “We come into the world and go from the world alone.” Is so true. And that some of them even say that we live alone is so true. People say they’d always be there for us. But what about the 2.00 a.m panic attacks and anxiety? Who’s there for us at this unearthly hour? No one. Where are the friends who want to be good to you at all the times when they want things from you and are freaking rude when you need them. No one on this planet is worthy of the word trust. It’s just a word that exists in the freaking English dictionary but it’s just an imaginary situation in real life. No one can be trusted. They at some time or another tell things out to someone. And then that someone to another. That cycle keeps going on. Love is shit. You love someone for a God damn year, that person doesn’t give a second thought while breaking up. Love a person for a freaking month and break up, they make it like it’s a lifetime since you’ve been in a relationship. Believe, everyone wants the other person to believe what they say. But, when the other person says something you don’t want to believe them. What’s the point of such a world? Why do we even exist? Does it make any sense to humanity? The thing I said earlier is so true. We’re all so freaking alone all through out our lives. Our closest act the weirdest with us after a while and our hated ones are always there as competition for us. The earlier we realise this, the better our damn life is  going to be for us. Bloody live every moment and make it the best alone. Not with anyone by your side. They’ll go at some point or another. Nothing in this world is permanent. We all got to be lost wanderers. That’s it. I am a lost wanderer. Trying to find myself. It takes us our whole lifetime to. But, we never do.