“Here come another new year and the hopes to do a number of things ”

Well, we all want to be something more than what we’ve been the last year, don’t we? But, only bad experiences do that. And we do not want bad stuff to happen we want life to be happy.
Life is a little unpredictable thing. We can never expect it to be happy. It’s always ready to get bad anytime. We as humans have to be prepared for that. One of the things I want to do this year is grow as an individual and be ready for the bad moments whenever they come my way so I don’t react in a way I reacted to them the previous year.
Well, another thing I want to do this year is grow as a writer and write better stuff.
I’ve lost a lot of people in the year that went by and I got a lot of then too. I lost many at the start of the year and got back a few at the end. The last one month, that is the whole of December is a month to remember for me. This year I’d make sure that I’ll not let the loved ones leave me and I’ll eliminate the bad ones. To my luck, mostly all the people I know are just amazing. And they wouldn’t leave me for who I am and wouldn’t ever judge me.
So, to conclude the post I’d like to thank all of you for your love, support and constant encouragement. You all have played an important role in the last year and would want you to play the same role this year and all the years to come. Lastly, all you readers and fellow bloggers with whom I’ve connected. All of you are amazing people. Keep writing guys.
Happy new year everyone. Hope we all have a wonderful year.