“The things which we regret later on are things we need to take a lesson from.”

Over the course of this year I’ve had a number of regrets. The biggest regret is not understanding people. I guess it was because I wanted to be understood at those points of time.
I’ve called then all sorts of things and have had bad arguments. Now when I look back to it, I feel bad. I don’t want to go into the next year with the guilt of these regrets.
Since my winter break is going on, I’ve come across screenshots of my old messages with people and read through a couple of old messages. Until last night I was like I’m done trying to make things fine between me and those people and all of a sudden I’m like no I need to make it fine and I sent out long messages to those people. Couple of them have come back to normal terms and a couple are yet to read my messages.
There are even decisions this year I’m not going to ever regret and there are people who’ve got so close to me over this year that I wouldn’t want them to ever leave my side. I’ve realised the ones who really matter and I’ve realised that in order to not have regrets with friends, I need to be more understanding towards them.
A great year to realise a number of things and change for the good of me.