“She loved him and he loved her, but it wasn’t that simple.”

I’ve seen a lot of relationships. Like really a lot. My best friends, my friends and many more.
Relationships off late haven’t really excited me. I mean if you find the one most compatible with you, you should go for it.
A perfect relationship according to me is where the girl and the guy are pretty mature and are aware of the fact that either this they are going to last forever or they are going to have to break apart some day.
A kind of phase of our life where we don’t fight with the other half of us. Understand them, make them smile, make them laugh and know everything about them. Take the mood swings and comfort them. Love is a really special thing, and if we fall in it with the right person, we’re sure to have the best time of our life. A time when we don’t keep celebrating weeks and months of the story but the time when we concentrate on years. In the long run years are going to count more. Love where the other person listens to whatever you want to say and tell you whatever they want to and there is no lies between the two of you.
Well the quote at the start, the reason I put that is because, love shouldn’t be simple. Love should be deep, it’s got to be different and special.
I hope my loves believes in the same and never misunderstands me and holds my hand and stays as the constant one in my life.