“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best moments of our life are yet to happen.”
Came across this a long time back. I realised life isn’t worth all the pain that we take and think about. Since then everytime that I’ve been in pain, this is the one thing that makes it go away and I smile again. These are some really powerful words if we think about it logically.
What are we now? Teens. And we cry about our breakups, about some girl/guy not talking to us with whom we’ve had the best moments. Would that really be worth it? I mean we have our whole lives ahead of us, we’re crying about someone who wouldn’t even be there long enough. We’ve got to meet a lot of people in our lives. We’ve got to make a lot of memories with all of them.
One of the things I’ve realised this year is people leave. As they leave, they leave a part of them in us to look back on. And this part that’s left behind is for us to realise the mistake we made and not to make it again.