So well its time for it now. I’ll call it the 2k15 post.
This year has been a highlight of new things, new people and decisions made. Well, some good and some bad.

This year started of as the last 3 months of 10th grade and that meant we have to make the most of it. But, somewhere in that process we all got so carried out and time flew by really fast. School ending means everyone seperating. My results for 10th grade came out and I had two options in front of me :
1) I continue in this school with commerce to stay with friends. Or
2) I leave school and go somewhere else to do science with the fact at the back of my mind that my friends are always going to be by my side.
I chose the later. I left and joined a PU college.
College started of as a really fun place. Until people actually started showing how they really were. Some were really nice. Some had a lot of attitude and some were bad. College is a place where I had to learn to adjust with the people near me and to know my limits. I have friends who smoke and who drink. Here is where I got my first decision right. To stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.
The main reason being that my parents have given me the freedom to do whatever I want. But that does not mean that I end up doing all the wrong things. I feel it works this way, when parents put restrictions up on you, you want to do things they’ve told you not to do.
This year has shaped me up as a human and has a huge role in making me realise my importance in people’s life. It has shown me the people who are really going to be by my side for a long while. I’ve got over my old relationship. Fallen in love again. Made up my mind to the fact that love isn’t worth it. I’ve met new people online and have to meet them. I’ve realised my love for writing and my passion to do it more. This year has been a big step for my blog. And I hope to keep making it better each year.
Then I attended my very first MUN conference where I didn’t show up after the first day.
I went for a trip which made me realise a lot about who I am and what I want to do.
I really don’t want this year to get over. But well its just a matter of few days and its gone. It’s gone really fast like a hot girl walking past you with just memories of how she looks.