“Just when I thought life was all happy, I realised I’m human. Humans don’t get happy lives. Our happiness is short lived. We are put up with new challenges everyday. We need to overcome them in order to earn the next short moment of happiness.”

The other day a friend of mine asked me, “Bro are we doing science cause we want to or are we doing science cause we want to have a living?” This got me thinking. I told him I’d choose the second option.
Well, we people are in a world where all that matters now is how we’re going to earn a living. In the process of earning a living we’ve forgotten the things we want to do. Doing things we want to is doing things we love. And things we love would give us happiness, wouldn’t they? They system in India is as such that we as children after 10th grade rarely do what we want to. We’re either doing what our parents want us to or what is going to give us a better living, cause what we love wouldn’t give us a good living.
I sometimes want to go back to the time my 10th grade results came out. I want to go back and take commerce. I’m going to just pull along with science some how now and a couple of years later I’m going to just be like, I wish I did that back then. It’s not like I don’t want to do science, what I want to do later on in life requires science. But, now I regret taking science.
All I’m going to say a few years down the line is I wish I took the right decision back then.
Anyway, I’ve been put up with a new challenge now. So I guess I’m going to do my best to complete it.