So here I am 4 days later on the bus back to town. Climbing up a hill looking at the clouds and the high peaks I just travelled and listening to a few songs.
This trip was a trip for me to learn from. A trip I loved, a trip I needed eagerly, a break I needed from everything and a break from the same old life, I feel happy to have gone for it. It was worth missing out on college for.
I travelled to a place in Kerala called Munnar. It was a hill station. The fact that I was between clouds was the thing that made me find myself amidst all the other stuff that was going on with me. I went to the second highest peak of South India. A place where the road was tough to reach and only a jeep could take us. The road was bad. The way was screwed up. It was a tough way. I reached up there, I realized everything that’s good comes after traveling a really bad way. There I stood at a height of 7130ft  above sea level on a rock. Looking over the peak at the clouds, with a slight drizzle and fog and clouds around me. I found myself at that moment. I felt as though that was where I belonged. I didn’t wanna leave it. Between the clouds and the fog is where I wanna be. I had to leave the place soon as we had to come back down and it started raining a bit heavy.


     The place where I had been to. Its
     called Kolukkumalai.

I realized life is the same. It’s not easy and is full of difficulties and there will be ups and downs and to get to where we wanna be its full of shit. But when we get where we wanna be, that’s the moment we’ve taken all the bad stuff for. We need to enjoy it. Feel happy for that moment. Be there and live that moment to the fullest and not crib about the fact that it’ll be over soon.
I love this life, but the life we love can’t be ours forever. It’s a rule of life I guess, what we love is not ours forever. We have it for a moment and its gone. It’s up to us to whether enjoy it or not. Well, for me I’ve learnt to enjoy the moments I’m gonna be working hard for. If the life we love started becoming ours easily do you think we’d start living that moment to the fullest?

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