So recently my friend and me were talking and I told her this:

” For the fact of it all, you know what matures us?
Well it’s these mistakes we make. They teach us good lessons for life. Mistakes aren’t wrong. They’re worth being made. Even hearts are worth being broken. They teach us some really important lessons. That is, to think whether it’s worth being with the person you want to and makes our decision making stronger. ”

So I’m going to write about this..
Well, what I was trying to say was that we all make mistakes. We are at an age where in we’re bound to make mistakes. Falling in love, ignoring studies, having heart breaks are a few to name.
I’m not saying it’s wrong to love. It’s completely alright. Love is a part of growing up. But as we fall in love, we don’t think if the other person is the most compatible for us, we go for it blindly. We have heart breaks. It just means we’re on the right track, what’s a life without pain? Everyone goes through heartbreaks at some point in life or another. This just makes us stronger. It makes us take decisions more wisely. We mature because of all this. Mistakes are made, no ones perfect in this world. We are bound to all this. We realise why we felt the way we did, it makes us think twice the next time we do the same mistake. We also realise what’s worth holding onto and what’s not.
Life is a journey of finding ourselves.All this helps us find ourselves in this world,because of these we understand how to go on in the journey of life like the best travellers.