A lot of things get me wondering in life. So the new thing I’m wondering about is, why people don’t see the good in us? Why do they judge us on the bad things? Why are we judged on our appearance? Like come on! If a guy isn’t good looking, is he not going to have a good nature? That’s absurd. It’s like saying a slice of pizza wouldn’t taste good cause it’s toppings are shaken. (Lame example but seems legit to me.)
Well, it’s really rare you find someone who tells you that, “dude I love you for who you are.” But how long does that love last? Believe me, for as long as that conversation lasts. Conversation over, love disappears like the vapour when you open a hot container. But, there are people who feel the same even after years of knowing you. Believe me when I say this, fight to keep them in your life as your best friend or the special one.
Sometimes we get distant from people because of our actions. When that happens, it feels bad. But you know what feels worse? The fact that people sometimes leave because they think they’ve become too cool for you. It’s a human tendency. When they find better people, they leave the old ones.
We should spend time with the people who appreciate us for who we are, cause they are the ones who’d make the difference to who we end up being at the end of the day.
Sometimes, we should give people a second chance to show us who they are and what they really have changed to be, because sometimes we stop talking to people for some reason, they change to be something new. They evolve to be different human beings. Everyone deserves a chance.
We got to accept the fact to let go of friends. Because these are the ones who shall keep coming and going in life. Every phase of life we’ll have different ones. We got to know the best and keep them.

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