Okay, this may be the first time I’m posting within a short span again!

So what happened was I was talking to my grand dad a few days ago about how I went back after 3 years to my school where I studied for 7 years. I was telling him how it has all changed in there.

Well, he tells me that change is an inevitable truth of nature. Everything thing undergoes change. We can’t stop change from happening. He also says that change is something we don’t want to accept. It is something that very few people can resist.

The whole day I was thinking about it. I thought about how my best friend got busy with her life and I couldn’t accept the change in not getting to text her every now and then.
I thought about how everyone’s got all busy with their studies in 11th grade that it’s very rare that we meet up with the old buddies.
The change in atmosphere when I came from school to pre university. It was difficult to accept that everything is not going to be one. I am on my own now. No one’s there to guide me.
How people change when they meet someone better. The way they change to become a part of someones life.

Okay I’m again going to take this point about love. (I don’t know why I love this topic.)
What I’m saying is, changing for everything is fine. But, why do we change to be part of someone else’s life? If we want to be part of someones life let the person accept us the way we are. Why do we end up being different for someone? We need to again accept the fact that if we are to be part of someones life, we got to be us. We need to do things our way, not their way. If we don’t get them, its chill. We need to know that there are a thousand other people out there waiting for someone like us. There are definitely people who would accept us the way we are. We need to see who the special one is who would take us the way we are accept us this way and give us a place in their lives.

All I’m trying to say is be the original you. The you everyone loves not the you, you would want just some one person to accept and love. We even need to accept people the way they are.

A small quote that I read somewhere :
” Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.
Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that you’ve changed to become from the real you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. “