Well, I’m sure there would’ve come a time in all our lives when we realise that this isn’t the right time to do something or well it isn’t worth the wait!

We all fall in love, very rarely do we get the one we want in our lives. We are so blinded by the love that we feel that the wait for the person to be a part of our life is going to be worth it. We realise time and again in our lives that love isn’t worth it. But, again after a few months we see a girl or in some friend of ours we find our Mr or Ms perfect. Nowadays the time is this that we all talk in a way in which we feel the other person feels for us. But the fact is they might just be enjoying this and you are falling for it. There then comes a time of total awkwardness, ignorance and bad times when you give up on life like nothing is going to ever be yours. We need to learn to let go of things which can’t be ours. We need to learn that we don’t need to hold on to someone and try to fight for our place in their lives, we need to learn that if someone needs us they’ll just pick us up and put us in that position! We need to learn to think twice before loving someone cause now your best friends saying ‘NO’ hurts more than your girl friend breaking your heart.

We need to accept the fact that if sometimes people don’t stay in our lives, they just stay in our hearts. Just like memories they leave a part of themselves in us.

P.S : I posted this cause someone told me it makes sense though I feel it doesn’t! Thanks for appreciating this one..