Here I am after a while to post something new. You guys would’ve read Aman and Riya’s story. So well, this is a continuation of that.

After Aman got to know that Riya is dating someone else. He didn’t know what to do. That’s what happens with everyone. Well, he gave himself time for it. He moved on from it. But still he used to miss her in everything he used to do, songs he listens to. He was healing. But Riya and Aman used to snapchat a lot.

Amans board results were out. He ended up taking admission in a college near Riyas. He never wanted to meet her. He didn’t want to fall in love again.
Then, there was a girl in his class. He fell for her. First month of college he didn’t talk to any girl. As time passed slowly he started of talking to that girl. He never told her about it. His friends knew. Then his feelings for her eventually faded away.
One day when he walked out of college he saw Riya there. He walked past and they spoke for a while. That evening he sent Riya a lot of messages on snapchat. She took screenshots of then and sent them to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend texts Aman.
Aman was scared when he saw the name. He hated her boyfriend until this conversation.

What made Aman change his opinion?
Well, the only reason he hated that guy was because he was Riyas boyfriend and he loved Riya. But, after this conversation. He realised there was nothing to hate him for. The guy is good enough as an individual to like him. He changed his opinion. He spoke to Aman like a bro. He explained the situation to Aman. He didn’t threaten Aman or anything. He told Aman a few things which were going on in Amans mind. He wanted to know if all of it was true. He stopped talking to Riya and rarely spoke to her.

A few days later Riya texted Aman. She told him they could hang around after college. Aman was like he’ll try. So she told him to WhatsApp him so she could get his number. They started talking on WhatsApp. The next day Aman told Riya he wanted to clear a few things and he wanted her to answer everything honestly. She agreed to it. They had the talk. Aman feels much better after it. He carries nothing in his heart now. It’s all cool between both of them now.

One thing that is clear after this is that. You can only feel better if you sit peacefully and have conversations. So if ever you come into such a situation have a conversation peacefully don’t ever have fights. What’s gone is gone. You’ll not have it back.