Hey all of you! So well this is my first time with blogging101.
I’m going to introduce myself with this post. Well, I’m an Indian. Born and brought up in Bangalore. I’m a Punjabi boy.
I basically started blogging as my best friend had a blog. She told me a couple of times to try it out. So well, I did it. And I enjoy blogging now.
I want to connect to the teens with my post. I want to post about incidents from my life which any other teen would go through. I don’t want anyone to make the mistakes I’ve made as a teen. Well, that says why I’m blogging publicly.
I want this blogging101 initiative to help me grow as a blogger over the period of the next month.
Hope all of you fell bloggers like my posts and connect well with me.

Link to my blog : http://www.perdiovagabundo.wordpress.com