So guys here I am again! Going to narrate a love story which was meant to be but never did!

It was a good afternoon of November when Aman was back from school early! He logged onto Facebook and to his surprise there was no one who he could really talk to! So he messaged a new person on his chat list. Her name was Riya. A 15 year old girl of his school the only difference was the she was in 10th and he was in 9th. Their ages were the same. Riya was a reserved person and never opened up about her matters or her personal life to anyone! But with Aman she did on the first day. Riya and him spoke a lot in the following week and got really close to each other.

He never met Riya in person and a week later he fell in love with her proposed her on Facebook and she accepted him. Next day they met at school for the first time. Aman was just amazed at Riyas smile. He found it to be the best thing he’d ever seen. That day Aman met Riya’s friends and then everything was going alright. On their annual day they they hugged as the first step of their relationship. A few days later during the winter extra classes Riya and Aman were walking in their school campus, this was after Aman fought with his friend walked off the basketball court in anger held Riyas hand and took her along with him. Riya realized she had to do something to Aman to cheer him up so she opened her hair! Aman always told her she looked hot with open hair! Aman looked at Riya in the eye and smiled and then Riya just held his hand and walked off with him after that.

School had closed for winter. Aman and Riya spoke on facebook everyday! Their love for each other since after that kiss kept becoming more. Riya had realized Aman was the one for her. He had kept her really happy in the one and a half months of their relationship. Though it was too early for her to assume anything!

School reopened and one morning while Aman was talking to his friends Riya entered school and was talking to her frineds. he saw a tear come of her eye! He instantly went to her and asked her what happened? She replied that her mother had come to know about their relationship and wanted them to break up! Aman told her that he would love to support her with whatever her decision is and wouldn’t tell no to her decision! Riyas friends convinced her to continue dating him! Riya told her mom they had broken up whereas they actually were dating!

All was going good their exams started got over Riya and Aman met on the last day of their exams and everything went fine until one day that summer he spoke to Riya about what he spoke to one of his friends about! Riya broke up! Though it was one of the stupidest things in the world to break up because of. Aman was Riya’s third boyfriend and Riya was Amans’s first girlfriend he didn’t know what to do but eventually managed to get back to proper means with her!

They had a quit two months after that where they didn’t meet at all. Aman and Riya then met twice during her birthday month. Aman and Riya even spent a long time together on Riya’s birthday alone!

There after they dated with Riyas parents coming to know again and them not meeting and talking for 3 months. Riya being on the suffering end and Aman being on the understanding and unlimited love giving end! Riya always doubted his love for her and kept asking him ever now and then if he loved someone else or is it only Riya? Aman always told something that made Riya feel safe!

Finally Amans boards were coming up so he asked Riya if they could take a break from the relationship and Riya agreed to it! But, she never spoke to him there after! Everytime Aman snapped her asking her to reply to his messages she replied saying she didn’t want to talk to him. Aman gave away his laptop and tablet and only kept his phone so he could concentrate more on the exams!

Few days later Amans close friend walks upto him and informs him that Riya told him to tell Aman that she is dating someone else. It wasn’t even a month since Aman and Riya had taken the breakup that she started dating someone else! Aman didn’t believe it at first but that friend again told him that he was serious! That moment he believed it. Came back home texted Riya asking her if it was true? All she replied was “Yes, I am sorry.”

Aman could feel the world around him go down in pieces. He started cursing himself and tried getting his mind off things to concentrate on his final exams! He finished his exams properly.

Then he got back to ask Riya more about why she had done this? She said that she thought Aman wanted to breakup indirectly by taking the break! Aman told her he was sure about getting back to her after his boards! But Riya just ended up terming it as a minor misunderstanding about which nothing can be done! You can imagine how bad and heart broken he was when Riya told him that! Aman was ready to kill himself after Riya told him that. Aman was lucky to have the kind of friends he did! They were really supportive to him and could do anything to cheer him up!

Now currently Riya and her boyfriend have broken up, Amans friend told all kinds of things to Riya and now Riya and Aman aren’t talking, Aman is confused whether he loves Riya or he wants to move on.

This love story was one of a kind and I really hope Aman and Riya get back together and finish their unfinished love story and if Riya moves on and finds another guy then it should be clear to Aman that she doesn’t want him and he should forget her! Aman should actually try and move on now! All his friends are telling him he deserves someone better!