It was the night of 9th April I was waiting for mom to come back from the airport and all my friends were asleep. I needed someone to talk to. So I went through the list of online friends on Facebook! I saw a name Parvati and that name kept coming up on my news feed all day and she was my friend on Facebook too. So i texted her asking if she was a student of Air Force School and she said yes! She had left the school a long before i had joined. So I was like fine tonight I’m just going to talk to her!

She is a really nice girl by nature! She is also one of the many people who just finished writing her 10th board exams. She is a Keralite. Mostly every Keralite I have know has been a really pretty looking gorgeous girl! She just added on to the list of those girls. She is very friendly and was very free to talk to me! We were really open to each other about what our lives were like and all those stuff. At a point we realised our lives are totally similar! She literally knew how everything I told her felt like! I listened to her story and just hope what she wants she gets it back! She deserves what she wants! She really is awesome and its really rare that you come across a person who really impresses you. I spoke to her till 3.30 that night before i slept!

We share a lot of things in common. Our mutual craziness, our love for road side pani puri, the story of our lives, our love for Retrica and very good english music, our inability to find sleep at normal hours!

Her sense of humour is very good and I personally haven’t laughed as much as I have laughed in the last 20 hours of knowing her in like the last 6 months!

I really wish she hangs around for a long while to come as a really close friend to me! Everybody deserves a friend as good as her. She like the one of a kind person!

You are an awesome person Paroo if you are reading this! never change yourself no matter what! Don’t ever think you can’t be things I am telling you cause you are a lot more than you think you are!

There is really no deep feelings intended in this! She is just a friend to me at the moment nothing else!