Hey guys. So the reason I am missing school is because in the past two weeks I have just attended four days of school. So I thought about writing what I actually do the whole day in school.


I am currently in the tenth grade. So missing like eight days of school is a lot. But health is more important. With the classmates and seniors that I have in this school I really miss going to school.I really don’t care about the fact how much I missed out because I know I can always go up to the teacher and she will explain everything to me.

There is this really close friend of mine, who really wants to get back to his ex, so he keeps calling me everyday I don’t go and he keeps updating me on what is happening, though I really don’t know if I should be helping him out or not. Then bunking of classes by telling the teacher going to the washroom and instead doing some other work and then going back to class and when the teacher asks where you were? Telling her that some other teacher had called us and gave us some work. We really don’t have those nice girls in our class who u can make very good friends, but yes there are a few who are there and they are really nice, so there is like missing all the stupid talks I have with them.

At last I am allowed to go tomorrow so I am more than happy.